Bluetooth Speaker


Luminous LED light, solar powered charger, bluetooth speaker with FM radio and built-in mic. Use it anywhere! Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology allows you to play music from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Speakers can also act as speakers in a power bank by using the secondary USB port. Double function sound...the sound is loud (louder than average) but not very loud if you want to listen to someone while they talk on the phone and other gets kind of drown out when people talk!

The solar panel on the back of the speaker will charge itself during the day by reflection from natural light, and also when charging sun in daytime or indoor under sunlight of 6pm - midnight it will charge your phone battery as well.

For all kinds of occasions, whether on the go or at home with its solar cell. DETAILED DESIGN: We spent 20 hours listening to blood-pumping and heart-warming music, fine-tuning the speaker's sound quality, before creating a product that looks good enough to show off. MOBILE POWER: There's no need to worry about charging it. With bluetooth capability and 10 hours of continuous playtime on one charge, there won't be any disappointment when you get home.

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