Smart Watch


Smartbee’s smart watches are not different from the popular brands, but smartbee is selling them at a reasonable price. Aside from a larger screen, bigger battery, and more durable glass, in terms of applications it offers the same features and speed. Still, with the best color combination bands and watches, we’re providing our services according to youngsters’ tastes and preferences. Our watches are excellent Android & IOS smartwatches for those who don’t mind big wristwear. 


Our smartwatches will be a sight for sore eyes if you’ve been looking for a perfect combination of design and quality from the past years. Its thinner design with a full-color AMOLED display is a big improvement, and it makes it easier to wear for many days at a time. Smart bee included features, like an Automatic heart rate monitor, appstore, Twitter, Facebook, and music too, but some perks like the Alarms, and Bluetooth connectivity,  Ultimately, a multi-tasking watch that also pops up to give you a cheer when a set goal for calories is achieved.


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